Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulizer to treat Respiratory Infections

"Technically, viruses are not alive, and so it is not possible to kill. But some agents can physically breakdown the viral structure and render them inactive."

The following is from Thomas Levy, M.D., JD, a board-certified cardiologist any prolific medical writer of 13 books, and an international speaker. Thomas is a good friend of mine and I trust him. Dr. Frank Shellenberger is also an internationally well-known doctor I trust as well. Although I have not personally tested this, I will recommend it to you just in case you need it. This method makes scientific sense and the safe, most definitely worth trying come especially now at this global COV ID – 19 crisis.– Richard Cheng, M.D., PhD

An at-home treatment that can cure a virus, including coronavirus.

Although COVID–19, AKA coronavirus is deadly and some select cases and he can spread rapidly, there’s a simple, very inexpensive, and highly effective treatment rotavirus and virtually any other respiratory virus. Wild different individuals can be expected to have terrible degrees of positive response, this intervention can be anticipated to eliminate eventual fatal disease outcomes in all but the most advanced cases.

As I hope you will eventually experience, the treatment works for all acute viral infections, and especially well for flu viruses of any variety. In fact, although we are constantly conditioned to not believing anything quoted too good to be true,” you will never have to worry about getting a cold or the flu again because you can cure on your own…

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